At Samaphan Health, we believe that everyone deserve good health, that’s why we strive to develop, select qualified products and serve you a service to promote your health and increase quality of life – be well being – as the best gift for you and your beloved family.

Our experts are welcome to give suggestion on health issue to let you able to take care of yourself correctly and properly. Promotive Care Center is publish to be a customer center to provide health promotion information, provide suggestion on how to select products and which products function will suit your need or lifestyle.

We enhance Thai people to aware of their health and encourage them to be able to taken care of themselves. Therefore, we emphasize in offering health knowledge – correct scientific information from research, health report and articles from acceptable institute or organization to you as a health option to take care of one self.

Over 25 years of home health care business with vision to promote Thai people health and responsibility to the society in selecting products, we believe that our products will be a safe valuable option for your health solution. Our Product Categories are divided into 3 groups to completely taken care of your health including.

Healthy food supplements and alternative products

Good health is beauty from within. We pay attention in details to serve you a good health. Start your own way with eat good food, sleep well, exercise and relax.

Today people are more aware of their health and find alternative to help them better take care of themselves. In the other hand, the change of people lifestyle to hectic life, some people have less time to take care of themselves and need health assistance to help them take care of their health easily.

Therefore, we offer you a health solution with healthy products to promotive your health.

Monitoring device and daily life equipment

Our health numbers are changed everyday – having these numbers check are important and better be monitored everyday to let you know health status and could have it cure in time to avoid health problems.

Moreover, daily life health equipment is also useful to have in every houses to relieve health symptom that maybe a signal to identify your health status – an easy and initial way of taking care of yourself – Also other equipment that facilitate your daily life.

Know Your Number – health numbers and health signal are important that you should pay attention using these devices.

Curing and QOL device in your house

Development of technology that dramatically growth has changed our life to have a better and longer life – moving to “Aging Society”. We realize on the necessary of device that help recovering and improving quality of life.

As promotive lifestyle does not mean only having healthy and happy life but also it also mean improving or increasing QOL and let them happy in everyday – that’s why we strive to make your everyday a better day.

Another step towards cooperation to increase ability in providing specialized products to serve thai people, Samaphan Health Co., Ltd. has changed the company role from sole distributor in Thailand to a joint venture company with partners including Apex Medical Thailand and Karma Medical Products Thailand.

We cooperate with partner to deliver you medical devices to take care of patients and increase quality of life including Apex air mattress to avoid pressure ulcer development and Apex respiratory products.

Also Karma and Soma wheelchair, wheelchairs that were designed and developed from customer insight by developer team including engineer and physical therapist to provide you a wheelchair that fits your body and symptom.